Prices of the past

1208A year’s pay for a craftsman blacksmith, 8s 6d. For a carpenter, 6s 8d. For a maid, only 2s 6d alas. NH: The gender gap hasn’t changed much!  By comparison, a brand new cart with iron-rimmed wheels cost 5s 7d. Consider the relationship today between the cost of a new car and a year’s wages of the average person. Not sure what a glass of beer cost.The pound, David Sinclair
1239-1307In Edward I’s reign a labourer earned a penny a day, a skilled craftsman, four times as much The Hidden springs of Englishness, Robert Winder
1350’sRiots happened when the price of beer, following the Black Death, rose to 8d a gallon 
1480leather shoes, between 5d and 15d the pair 
1756At the time of the Seven Years War, a Royal Naval rating could earn 12p a day, at a time when a farm labourer might earn 3-4p/dayThe Wooden World, N.A.M Rodger
1801A Peak District lead miner, with luck, might earn 5p a day, and that considered poor and inadequate wages deserving of charity A tour thro’ the whole island of Great Britain, volume 8, Daniel Defoe
1803Cost of the Lewis and Clark expedition: $38000+$11000 extra. 1803-1806Lewis and Clark’s journal
1825A labourer digging the Ohio canal, $15/monthRay Allen Billington, Westward Expansion – a history of the American frontier
1829Omnibus Paddington to Bank, 6pCathedrals of Steam, Christian Woolmar
1830’sShooting powder, $2 per pint in Saint LouisLife in the far West, G.F Ruxton
1838train London Bridge to Greenwich, 8p, considered “steep”Cathedrals of Steam, Christian Woolmar
1849First class train travel one way Euston to Birmingham £1.50 (about £125 in 2020). Second class, £1.Cathedrals of Steam, Christian Woolmar
1851Coal in London halves in cost from 30s/ton to 17s/ton Cathedrals of Steam, Christian Woolmar
1866Spencer breech loading rifle, $30, about two months pay for a private soldierThe Fetterman Massacre, Dee Brown
1860’sAn officer earning $130/month paid $1300 for a return trip from the frontier to “the states” The Fetterman Massacre, Dee Brown
1872The wages on offer to the miners who dug (Blea Moor) tunnel in 1872 were 5s (equivalent to £22.49 in 2019) to 5s 6d (equivalent to £24.37 in 2019)[2] per day.[3] – Wikipedia
1873Full board in the Midland Grand Hotel at St Pancras, 14 shillings (£1.40) Cathedrals of Steam, Christian Woolmar
1880’sA low-ranking maid in London in the 1880’s might earn £12-14 per annumKipling