A journey through the Peak District

“I am returning, the echo of a point in time” – Deep Purple

Brierlow Bar

A pleasant late morning in Buxton brought back thoughts of the past – the echo of a point in time – now sanctified by memory and the blood of Christ. The past, as C. S Lewis writes, becomes heaven even as we approach eternity. We reach heaven, and realise that we were always there….or not, of course.

I pottered around, visiting “the Dome”, flirting with a shop lady whilst buying a Christmas present for my son. The weather was glorious – very cold, clear and blue. The remnant colur of Autumn remains on the landscape, and I’m looking forward to driving down the Via Gellia later in the afternoon. This is what I wanted – this day is as it should be. I spent time last night and this morning with my son in Lancaster. It is true to say that I drove 300 miles to have a pint with my son.

I love this country, this land. I mean the Peak District, the White Peak in particular. I love it so much it hurts. Why in God’s Name do I live in Surrey? Because that’s where the great God above has put me. But my heart is elsewhere – I love this land. The sense of being a stranger in a strange land in East Surrey, an exile, is heightened by coming here on this November day, in this beautiful sunshine. I admit to alienating myself, separating myself from the very East Surrey I have committed to serve as a senior Scouter for the next ten years. It’s not that East Surrey is not a beautiful land; it is full of good people too. It is just not my home.


It’s 3.25p.m and almost dusk and I’ve visited Scarthin Books in Cromford. I’ve not actually bought anything except cake and tea. Scarthin, for all it’s wonderful, quaint nooks and crannies, has not been a particularly productive bookshop for me. Great place to visit though and one day, the right books will be there for me.

It’s a cold blue afternoon and I’m sat looking out across Cromford pond as evening falls. Soon, beer with an old friend. My day off is unfolding as it should – a little image of heaven on earth.