The Treaty of Seattle

(loosely and colloquially translated from the original Russish)

About that time, there was Treaty of Seattle, which marked end of long and bitter war, between Chinese on one side, and almost everyone else, on other side.  Some called it a third world war.  It was the last world war.  Major nations of world allied with and fought with our ancestors against Chinese aggression.  Long term effect of war was to create democracy in Russia and strengthen the weakening culture in rest of world. “Renaissance civilization” was able to prevail against rising and illiberal Islamism in last decades before start of Diaspora.

Though nuclear weapons were used, and some cities were destroyed, war was never “apocalypse” predicted in the literature and media of the world at that time.  It began some fifteen years earlier after aggressive and sudden Chinese moves into Russian territory.

At same time, Chinese miliary moved south towards continent of Australia.  Initial losses were staggering – within six weeks, Singapore had fallen, and all of Russia east of Lake Baikal was in Chinese hands.  But all that ground was taken back over the course of the war.

The advance of the Chinese brought about political chaos across earth, collapsing political unions and causing some small but signficant minor wars.  Recent work by historians suggests that discoveries in Antarctica, and the subsequent technological step-change, were rather more important to victory than heretofore thought.

Human cost of Russo-Chinese War was over 4 million Russian and alliance dead, 30 million Chinese dead, and several historic Chinese cities destroyed. China was forced back to her original boundaries and Confucian culture destroyed forever.

Following war, political landscape was left in chaos.  But it was out of that chaos and technical developments from Antarctica, that there came launch of Russian starship Yekatarina Velikaya.  Exact date we can no longer be certain of, due to issues relating to the small differences between Standard years and  length of Earth year.  But  we believe that this was sometime in sixth decade of twenty-first century after Christ.